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Guided and Self-Guided Hunts

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Arkansas County Guide Service After many years of guiding duck hunts in stuttgart Arkansas we have hand picked very prime locations to hunt around the grand prairie. All guided duck hunts will be offered in the famous Stuttgart green timber or flooded rice fields. We have options for everyone, whether it’s duck hunting in green timber,buck brush swamps, cypress brakes or flooded rice and bean fields. All duck blinds that are in flooded timber or timber style hunts will accommodate 6-10 hunters per blind. Guided duck hunts will have transportation to and from the blind provided by either boat,atv,utv or truck. Duck hunts will start at legal shooting hours in the morning and will end at legal shooting hours on evening hunts. Duck blinds will have anywhere from 100-500 decoys out per blind, several mojos, mallard machines and any other gadget that may help to ensure a successful hunt and a memory that can’t be forgotten. Although we hunts with motion decoys sometimes we may go back to old school spreads depending on what’s working at the time. All field blinds range anywhere from a 6-8 person setup. We duck hunt primarily out of pit blinds and mobile sled blinds. Field duck hunts are offered in rice, bean, and proven grains we plant.(milo or millet). Transportation to and from the blinds are also provided. Decoy setups vary with the migration, in fields we run anywhere from 100-200 decoys, several mojos and jerk strings. Although no hunts are guaranteed Arkansas County Guide Service will put forth the extra effort and time to put you on birds day after day with knowledgeable guides, great locations and several options to choose from. It’s what we do. Feel free to contact Chad Lloyd with any questions @ 870-830-7430.


Arkansas County Guide Service located in Stuttgart, AR offers a packaged duck hunt for our daily duck blind/ self-guided duck hunts with lodging. All hunts will be in flooded rice or bean fields with pit blinds or sled blinds. We furnish a well brushed blind with one dozen decoys. It is recommended to bring at least 6 dozen decoys of your own along with any wind or motorized decoys for your spread. Duck blinds will hold six hunters and if a group has six in it they can lodge and lease a blind for $140 a day. Blind leases can hunt all day if want to, four-wheeler are recommended for transportation in and out fields. If you have never duck hunted Arkansas before it is strongly encouraged that you book a guided hunt first before booking a self-guided hunt to learn how to hunt in our great state, and to ensure that you’re doing everything correct to have the best hunt possible. 870-830-7430.


Arkansas County Guide Service¬†Snow goose season starts January 25-29th, then reopens February 1st through the end of March. Come enjoy a experience of a lifetime as the spring snow goose season starts right here in Stuttgart, Arkansas. These spring conservation snow goose hunts are a one of a kind hunt that will allow memories of a lifetime. While hunting with Arkansas’ finest snow goose guides you will get to experience the sky covered with several thousand snow geese funneling down on top of you. This is something that as a waterfowl hunter you have to experience it at least once in your lifetime. The spring snow goose migration is much more condensed than the fall migration causing massive amounts of concentrated geese. Its nothing to look up in the sky and see thousands upon thousands of snow geese tornadoing down into your spread. The spring conservation snow goose order allows us to hunt the large masses of snow geese using electronic calls, unplugged shot guns, extended shooting hours, and if you’re coming from out of state the license is FREE!!! All these factors working together makes a snow goose conservation hunt an experience of a lifetime.We have over 40,000 acres of ground to move around on surrounded by Stuttgart, Arkansas.

The 2015 spring conservation snow goose season was a great success with averaging 37 birds a field per hunt. At arkansas county guide service we hunt over two different styles of snow goose setups. One snow goose setup is a large permanent decoy spread with anywhere from 1500-1800 skyfly decoys in a major migration area where snow geese funnel through each spring. On the permanent decoy setup as well as our mobile spread setups we run multiple speaker electronic callers, rotary machines, and several fliers. The permanent spreads produce very well on sunny days with a south wind once the spring snow goose migration starts in southern Arkansas. The other spread we run often until the spring migration begins, is a mobile spread hunting primarily the x ( feed fields) with primarily 1000-1500 decoys. We have two full time guys who ride all of our property each day to see what fields the snow geese are feeding on. Once the geese leave these feeding fields they move to a roost pond where they stay overnight and return to feed in morning hours. We watch the snow geese everyday of the season, morning and evening to find exactly where the birds are now and where they will be the next day. We usually go in on the morning of hunts and set up on these x fields to ensure decoys do not have any front on them. Both styles of hunts are great for our arkansas spring conservation snow goose season, but each one has a time and place in the season. With over 40,000 acres of prime snow goose hunting property in Stuttgart, Arkansas county guide service will go the extra mile to ensure one hell of a time with great experienced guides, top notch equipment, and great southern hospitality.

Arkansas county guide service offers lodging for all hunting party’s at one of our four lodging locations within 30 minutes of the hunting areas. At the lodges guides or owners will settle groups into the lodge to explain the next days hunting senerio, and afterwards will kick back by the fire for a relaxing evening. Hunters will leave out from the lodge and follow the guides to the area we will hunt the next morning. Transportation in and out the fields will be provided by atv/utv each day. After everyone is settled in the guide will proceed to setup electronic calls and have a speech to everyone on gun safety. At legal shooting hours, (1/2 hour before sunrise) the caller will be turned on and the hunt begins. All hunters are responsible for taking their snow geese with them. Tips for guides are not a must but greatly appreciated! During spring conservation snow goose season there is no limit on snow geese so plenty of shells is a must. We recommend at least 2 1/2 -3 boxes of shells per day hunted. Shot size of bbs or T shot 3″ or 3 1/2″ 12 gauge. Licenses are free go to for the arkansas spring conservation snow goose order. Come experience a hunt of a lifetime with great friendship and a memory that you will not forget. We are currently booking spring conservation snow goose hunts for 2014-2015 season. Feel free to contact Chad Lloyd with any questions @ 870-830-7430.

Father and son / daughter trips are welcome, corporate retreats and large groups can all be accomodated.