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  • 2017-2018 Arkansas duck and goose hunts

    Arkansas county guide service is currently booking 2017-2018 duck and goose hunts located in stuttgart, arkansas. We offer both guided duck hunts and selfguided duck hunts as well as speckabelly goose hunts and arkansas conservation snow goose hunts. From flooded timber, swamps, oxbowl lakes, fields both dry and flooded we have you covered.

    Guided duck hunt with lodging is $250 a person per day. Consist of morning duck hunt till 11, a fully furnished lodge that will sleep anywhere from 6-8 at each location. No meals included. In order to get a private hunt and lodging you will need at least 6 ppl in your group or be combine with another group.
    We offer evening speckabelly goose hunts as well for $150 a gun. Normall this hunt will start from 1-2 in evening time.

    Selfguided duck hunts here at arkansas county guide service are very popular. All property is surrounded by stuttgart, arkansas and has several options to offer. Selfguided duck hunt are $550 a day to rent a blind that holds up to six people. Lodging if needed is $50 per person a day. We do a five day rest period and a two day hunt at each spot and then rotate groups around. For further information on your next guided or selfguided duck or goose hunts in stuttgart, arkansas give us a call at 870-830-7430 or email

  • 2017-2018 Arkansas duck and goose season dates

    Dates are set folks for 2017-2018 Arkansas duck and goose season!!!!!!

    Earl specklebelly goose season opens before duck season
    Nov 15-17
    Also open during splits when duck seasons out
    Nov 27-dec 1
    Dec 3-6
    Dec 24-25.

    Duck season dates for 2017-2018 arkansas duck season1
    Nov 18-26
    Dec 7-23
    Dec 26-jan 28

    Speck season is open during all these dates during duck season.

    2018 conservation snow goose season in arkansas
    Jan 29- feb 2
    Feb 4- april 25
    No limit, no plugs, free liscense

    Be sure to give us a call at 8708307430 or email at

  • Arkansas duck and goose hunts

    Here at arkansas county guide service we have something for everyones needs wheather its duck or goose hunting we are stuttgart, arkansas number one go to guide service. We offer guided duck and goose hunts (speckabelly geese and snow geese) as well as selfguided duck and goose hunts. With expanding our duck and goose hunting operation from 4 guides to 6 guides this opens us up for several more options and alot more duck and goose hunting property.
    Our guided duck hunt in arkansas start at $250 a person with lodging. Selfguided duck hunts/ pit leases start at $550 a day for a group to rent a blind, lodging is $50FB_IMG_1469846563282 A person per nite. Evening guided speckabelly goose hunts are $150 a person and conservation snow goose hunts are $225 with lodging per person. For details contact me at 8708307430

  • Arkansas duck hunts in stuttgart, arkansas

    Arkansas county guide service had a total duck harvest of 2872 the past 2015-2016 season. We experienced one of the toughtest years that we had on record for last years season. For the 2016-2017 arkansas duck and goose season we added several more options for both duck hunts as well as goose hunts. We have 18 fields blinds to choose from for our guided and selfguided duck hunts, we have 8 blinds in timber, swamps, buckbrush, and over 40000 acres of goose hunting property as well. We have packages that will be suitable to anyones needs both guided or selfguided. We also have two corporate duck hunting packages still available for this upcoming season. Call 8708307430 or email arcountyguideservice@gmail.comFB_IMG_1465317179131

  • Arkansas 2016-2017 waterfowl season dates

    Arkansas county guide service is now booking both guided and selfguided/pitleases for the 2016-2017 arkansas waterfowl season. We have been constantly expanding our duck and goose hunting operation to ensure for that quality hunt of a lifetime and think that this year will be the best year yet. With more options for guided/selfguided, duck and goose hunts than ever before. Listed below is the set dates for the arkansas waterfowl and conservation snow goose season.

    Arkansas duck season dates

    November 19-27
    December 8-23
    December 26-january 29

    Arkansas conservation snow goose season

    January 30-febuary 3
    Febuary 5-april 25
    No limit, no liscense and no plugs!!!!FB_IMG_1465317159919

  • Arkansas duck hunts in stuttgart arkansas are filling up be sure to book soon!!!!!!!

    We currently still have openings for our guided flooded timber duck hunts, fields, and swamps. If anyone is looking for one of the best experienced guide service in stuttgart, arkansas give us a call. 870-830-7430 or check us out at

    Selfguided duck hunts are also flexible if you are looking for a hunt where you and group does it yourself. Nonguided hunts here at arkansas county guide service are conducted in flooded fields where we supply one dozen decoys in a well proven field with a well brushed pit or sled. For details contact me at 870-830-7430.arkansas selfguided duck hunts

  • Arkansas 2015-2016 duck season dates

    Arkansas game and fish has proposed arkansas 2015-2016 waterfowl season dates. Duck season is proposed to start nov 21-29, dec 10-23, dec 26- jan 31.

    Bag limits
    Arkansas game and fish allow a six duck limit per day. Limit may include four mallards, no more than two of which may be hens. You can kill three wood ducks, two redheads, one black duck, four scaup and two pintails. Once again the limit is one canvasback and mottled ducks, other ducks not lististed have no restriction beyond a six duck limit.
    Be sure to book your next arkansas duck hunt with us for 2015-2016.FB_IMG_1432759111349

  • Arkansas non guided duck hunts, Arkansas selfguided duck hunts, Arkansas duck hunts

    We are currently expanding our options and will be offering alot more of the the best areas to duck hunt in stuttgart, arkansas. We are also updating some prime timber holes, some great selfguided duck leases and expanding ground for several more acres of snow goose and specklebelly ground for the 2015-2016 waterfowl season. Come enjoy a experience of a lifetime with a premier top notch outfitter located in stuttgart, arkansas. logo

  • Arkansas duck hunting information for 2015- 2016 waterfowl season

    Arkansas county guide service is a premier waterfowl outfitter for southeast arkansas who has a duck hunting package for everyone. We offer both guided duck hunts along with selfguided duck hunts. Guided arkansas duck hunts are offered in flooded timber, fields, and swamps. Guided morning duck hunt package without lodging is $200 per person, $250 a person with lodging.
    Selfguided duck hunts/daily duck blind leases consist of flooded rice fields, bean fields, corn fields, and milo fields. Selfguided hunts are $550 for a blind per day. Hunters can have up to six people in a blind. We furnish a well brushed and we’ll duck proven blind with one dozen decoys. Blinds are hunted two days and rested five with a rotation.
    For further information contact me at 870-830-7430arkansas county guide service

  • Arkansas selfguided duck hunts and guided duck and snow goose hunts !!!

    IMG_26239922097990We currently still have available selfguided duck hunts with us expanding our leases by doubling them this duck season.selfguided hunts are all taken place in flooded rice and bean fields with pits and sled blinds, cost of selfguided pit lease is $550 for your group. Our guided timber duck hunts have some available dates if anyone is interested. Conservation snow goose and speckelbelly goose hunts have available dates as well. Be sure to check us out and follow us on Facebook Arkansas county duck guide service.Contact me for info at 870-830-7430

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